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What if you could start feeling better in a few short minutes?

That's what Rachael Jessup loves so much about what she does. Within minutes her clients see improvement in overall well-being. Rachael offers reflexology techniques, Indian Head Massage and workshops that both teach and inspire wellness.

Who can benefit?

Anyone at any age can benefit from Rachael's services.

Reflexology can help babies to sleep better, give the elderly easier movement, and can assist people with the relief of stress, anxiety, sleeplessness and many other issues.

Indian Head Massage boosts circulation to the scalp, face and neck, improves hair quality, relieves tension in neck and jaw. Ideal for those suffering headaches, stress, shoulder and neck tension, and brain-fog.




I’ve seen Rachael for several sessions for reflexology. Not only is it healing - my joints feel better and I sleep better, but it’s also super relaxing. She is very professional and is in tune to the workings of my body and spirit. Add in that awesome accent and she is one fun gal to hang out with! I highly recommend her for reflexology sessions and I am having a head massage next week so will be able to report on that soon!



Rachael has a really warm and caring approach. I felt as ease with her immediately. Her head massage was really what I had been craving. After her treatment I was really aware of how much tension is relieved through Indian Head Massage. It’s quite incredible what a difference it made. Rachael also helped me understand the science behind it. I’ll be back for more!



After a session with Rachael (reflexology) I feel grounded, connected, relaxed and renewed. I have also experienced longer term benefits as I have been seeing Rachael for reflexology for a few months now. She checks on the areas we know we want to work on and tracks changes each session. What I have learned and experienced is awesome....each time there is a sensitive area and Rachael explains it to me it is like a lightbulb turns on and I say “oh yes, I have been feeling that lately”.
​I highly recommend booking a session!

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