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About Reflexology

Reflexology creates conditions for the body to heal itself.


Reflexology is a non-intrusive holistic therapy based on the theory that reflex points on the feet correspond with different areas of the body. It is safe to use alongside standard healthcare. When pressure is applied to these reflexes, it stimulates the movement of energy along nerve channels, thereby improving circulation and bringing balance (homeostasis) to the body. It creates deep relaxation which promotes healing on both a physical and emotional level. There are thousands of nerve endings in the human foot and each of these is a reflex point that corresponds to a part of the body. As reflex points are minute, the movements are quite precise and care is taken to cover all of them to ensure that the treatment is comprehensive and therefore a holistic treatment for the whole body.

Reflexology is not a therapy used to diagnose illness and is not a medical treatment, however it works alongside traditional medicine helping with stress which has such a detrimental effect on the many systems within the body that affects general health and well-being. It is also used to help alleviate symptoms associated with a huge number of health issues from chronic pain, IBS, arthritis, back pain, headaches, migraine, women’s health, menopausal issues, anxiety and sleep problems.

Regular Reflexology may …


*reduce anxiety and stress related conditions

*induce relaxation and calm

*helps with sleep disorders

*helps improve mood

*helps concentration and focus

* boosts blood circulation

* improves immune system

* boost brain function

* gives you the opportunity to put your feet up!

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