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So much more than a foot massage, although of course that is included!

This gentle therapy encourages the body to heal itself.

All the systems of the body are mapped out as reflex points on the soles, toes, tops and sides of your feet. I can detect tiny deposits and imbalances in the feet and by working on these points, release blockages, therefore allowing the body to start healing itself.

The treatment begins with a foot assessment and warm up of the feet and ankles. This is relaxing for you, the client, and also provides me with an opportunity to feel your feet to locate areas of tension and imbalance. After this, I will use a variety of techniques to press areas of the feet in order to stimulate nerves in the skin. Circulation is enhanced, tensions are eased and the elimination of toxins from the body is improved.

I will devise a treatment plan and work on reflex areas I believe are best for you, as an individual and address issues highlighted on the intake questionnaire. Every treatment will be a little different from the last, depending on your well-being that day.

We end the session with a relaxing foot massage and discuss aftercare.

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